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Education & Training

Improving quality of life

Through well-structured risk assessments that incorporate strict boundaries and produce positive measurable outcomes, CSM Independence Ltd. are able to offer vulnerable people the opportunity to improve their quality of life and enable them to achieve greater independence.

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Tenancy Training trains frontline workers such as us to deliver and assess accredited outcomes to their service users.
Supported lodgings Somerset There are a wide range of units and the programme is unit accredited so a service user can achieve one or all ten
Supported lodgings Somerset A structured approach to engaging the client in their core needs in reference to sustainable move on.
Supported lodgings Somerset Enhances and develops staff skills and knowledge base.
Supported lodgings Somerset Recognises and accredits the work achieved through interaction.
Supported lodgings Somerset Provides common currency between providers and networking opportunities.
Supported lodgings Somerset Client development and progress is recognised and rewarded through certification.
Supported lodgings Somerset A tool for measuring, monitoring and reporting distance travelled.
Supported lodgings Somerset Fully tested and proven, fits directly into existing support structures, demonstrates achievement to commissioners,
Supported lodgings Somerset Objective measure of readiness to move on.


What are the units?
Supported lodgings Somerset Individual proforma of achievement.
Supported lodgings Somerset Accredited by AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance).
Supported lodgings Somerset Part of the Unit Award Scheme. (1000 centres in the UK).
Supported lodgings Somerset Equivalent to level 1 and Entry level awards.


What units are there?
There are many units available and each unit is “unit accredited”.
Supported lodgings Somerset This means that a client can achieve one or more units and will receive a certificate for each one.
Supported lodgings Somerset Unit accreditation allows the client and worker to choose the most applicable unit or units to work on and this also allows them to work at the client’s own speed.


Core Units
There are many units available and each unit is “unit accredited”.
Supported lodgings Somerset Resettlement Issues and Independent living                                               
This unit aims to explore the issues that face a service user when considering the process of resettlement and or settlement. From this exploration a development plan is formed and the appropriate units to address their needs are identified.
Supported lodgings Somerset Budgeting and Debt Management.                                                                
This unit develops the skills of budgeting and requires the service user to plan and keep to budget for a negotiated period of time.
Supported lodgings Somerset Moving on
This unit explores the process of finding suitable accommodation and develops the skills, knowledge and understanding required to secure the placement.
Supported lodgings Somerset Maintaining a Healthy Diet                                                                             
This unit focuses on cooking, storing and preparing food as well as the minimum components of a healthy diet.
Supported lodgings Somerset Exploring support networks                                                  
This unit is designed to enable service users to identify what services are available within the community to meet their needs.
Supported lodgings Somerset Planning for Education, Training and Employment.                          
This unit requires the service user to design and follow an action plan to engage with agencies and services that support education, training and employment.
Supported lodgings Somerset Maintaining a Tenancy/with Support                                                             
This unit explores the nature of maintaining a tenancy, rights and responsibilities and in the community the service user will maintain the landlord requirements and standards over a monitored period.
Supported lodgings Somerset Understanding energy costs and savings/Understanding regular expenses in the home                                      
In these units the service user explores how to set up and manage accounts. The service user is also required to budget for the payments and consider money saving etc.
Supported lodgings Somerset Understanding universal credit                                                        
This unit is about process, procedure, rights and responsibilities.
Supported lodgings Somerset Safety and Risk management in the home                                        
For this unit the service user must assess, plan and maintain safety for a monitored period. They will also explore aspects that focus on their own behaviour.
Supported lodgings Somerset More units
Tenancy Training has a range of other units available for use with service users, this list is constantly being added to and it is necessary to check back with the website for developments.

The programme is designed to be user friendly, delivered and assessed by CSM Independence Ltd.
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